Financially Fit Friday - January 11, 2019

Have you tried the Snowball Method?

This week in our 4-part series of financial tips and solutions for a fit 2018, we’ll look at another effective way to reduce your debt.

Follow this example:

1. List debts smallest balances to largest.

  • Credit Card $500 (25 payment)
  • Student loan $3,000 ($50 payment)
  • Car loan $10,000 ($300 payment)                 

2. Work toward paying off the credit card as quickly as possible while you still make your student loan, car payments and other monthly obligations. (Can you afford to pay the dentist $50 a month? If you can, do it!)

3. Once the credit card is paid off, apply that amount towards the student loan. That means you are doubling the student loan payment, paying that off twice as fast, savings tons of interest.

4. Repeat the process until all debits are paid in full.


FIT TIP: Once debts are paid off, try stashing the final payment amount (or as much as you can) into a savings account for emergency funds!


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