Financially Fit Friday - January 18, 2019


Welcome to the third week of Financially Fit Friday - a 4-part series of financial tips and solutions for a  fit 2019.

Did you know that a good credit score significantly increases your chance of a lender approving your loan request?

If you have a high credit score you are proven to be lower risk and will receive lower interest rates on your approved loans - saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in reduced interest charges over the life of a loan.

FIT TIP: 3 Ways to Improve your FICO Credit Score

  1. Pay all your bills on time, every time.
  2. Keep your credit card balance low.
  3. Open new credit only when you need it.

Those that understand interest, EARN IT.
Those who don’t, PAY IT.

Our credit score enhancement program can help you take control of  your finances. If you need help building good credit, get in touch with us!