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RCU Hall of Fame 2023

RCU Chairman Douglas M. Erhart is pleased to announce the induction of Ken Clouston, Terry Bragg & Chuck Krause into the Railway Credit Union Hall of Fame. 

Mr. Clouston has been a RCU volunteer for 19 years and currently serves on the RCU Board of Directors.  Ken previously served on the Credit Union’s Credit Committee for eleven years prior to becoming a director.  He was previously awarded prestigious Dakota Credit Union Association Volunteer of the year in 2019.      

Mr. Bragg has been a RCU volunteer for 34 years and currently serves as Chairman of the Supervisory Committee.  Under Terry’s watch our Supervisory Committee has received many outstanding reviews and has been identified as one of the best audit committees in the state. 

Mr. Krause served as a RCU volunteer for 35 years.  He served on and chaired the Supervisory Committee during his time as a volunteer.   Chuck is credited with creating our Supervisory Red Flag audit which we still utilize today.  Chuck continued on as a volunteer until he passed in 2012.   

Terry Bragg commented “It is a great honor to be acknowledged in this manner along with our past leaders who built a Tradition of Excellence in our organization”.

Chairman Erhart wishes to congratulate these fine individuals on a job well done and stated, “We look forward to recognizing additional individuals on their Credit Union accomplishments in the upcoming years”.      

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